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뷰티..에이플러스.. 에이플러스..뷰티..그 누구보다 가수를 아끼는 그대들을 위해 사진한장 올려요….. 선물 입니다.

I translate it as,

B2UTY.. A+.. A+..B2UTY.. For them who cherish singers like no other, (I shall/will) upload one picture….. This is a gift.
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your HAIR

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dooseob teasing “mario" forever 

Little Beast

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Title: Hyunseung's fanboy

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Jang Hyunseuuuuuuuuuuunngggggg

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doojoon spilled his cup ramen all over their table at beast’s fancy dinner
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Yoseob’s hat magic tricks lvl 2014