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[PLAYB2ST] 14/09/12 New header and main photo 

"Think About’ chu B2UTY | 오래보자 Let’s be together for a long time"

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Yoon Doojoon + photoshoots

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get to know son dongwoon (insp.)
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[SCAN] Beast 'Good Luck Black Version' - Doojoon (x)
Junhyung for CeCi
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"When the six of us are together laughing, that time is really precious." -doojoon♡

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140903 BEAST Diary — Jang Hyunseung’s Birthday

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gikwang-ah… you already know this but thank you for giving me the chance to work with you when i was lost. even in the future, i hope our friendship never changes and that we’ll always do well.”
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